SS Straw 6mm Straight (10pk)


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6mm Straight (10 Pack)

In each pack you get Ten (10) straws.

The straws have a smoothed edge making it comfortable to drink and are approx 21.5cm long.

Plastic straws are a major environmental problem. Here in Australia we use over 10 million a day imagine that on a world wide scale!

They don’t break down easily and either sit in landfill for years or worse still end up in our waterways, which means they end up in our marine life

These stainless steel straws are a great fun and stylish alternative. Use with juice, smoothies or cocktails. Reusable.

*****  Don’t run or walk using a straw to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Children should be supervised at all times.  *****

Also available in other sizes 8mm Straight, 8mm Bent & 12mm Straight

Made ethically in China.