Here at MiEco we started the business with a view to present a range of environmental friendly products that will save you time and money.

Our philosophy is that “It shouldn’t cost you the Earth to save the Earth“.

We always knew that the laundry detergent we were using was toxic. When we discovered Soap Nuts we were sceptical at first. But we were shocked! They really did work.

Once we realised Soap Nuts were completely safe, natural, economical and effective, we really wanted to share what we had found with others.

Most people don’t even think about disposing of their toothbrushes (I know we didn’t) it was just something we used and discarded.

The eco toothbrush is a brilliant answer to the huge amount of land fill the simple plastic toothbrush creates, we are proud to have this product in our range, and have a goal of getting one in every home in Australia.

Living a sustainable life means better health for us and for our world.

Our range now includes the amazing Soap Nuts, Soap Nut Powder, Oxygen Bleach, Bamboo Hair brushes, a fantastic range of quality Microfibre cloths and the all NEW eco toothbrush with Bamboo Charcoal enhanced bristles. We even have a couple of Bamboo Toothbrush holders one for the home and one for traveling.