Help protect our environment with the  MIECO CUTLERY SET, They are REUSABLE & ETHICAL and MAKES THE PERFECT ECO FRIENDLY GIFT:

Every day, millions of plastic utensils end up in our ocean, killing sea life and destroying our nature. You can make a difference: Say no to the deadly, damaging plastic, and yes to reusable bamboo cutlery! Every little helps!

We love our Bamboo cutlery set in a great cotton wrap carry case,

Each pack contains a knife, fork, spoon, 2 chopsticks & straw, a HEMP SISAL cleaning brush for the straw (NO PLASTIC HERE).

The set takes up minimal space in your bag or glove box of the car, so it easily fits into your everyday life. Perfect for outdoor camping adventures & luxurious enough to set at the dinner table, travelling & packed lunches!

They are also great for backpacking, picnics, work and office use.


We love our MiEco Bamboo straws…

Each cotton carry bag contains 4 Bamboo straws plus a HEMP SISAL cleaner – NO PLASTIC HERE.


Reusable over and over again just use it and clean it and go again.

The HEMP SISAL cleaner eliminates the Nylon or micro plastics that can end up in our environment our oceans and us.

Our straws are approx 20 cm long and are 100% sustainably grown. Given the natural variation of bamboo they come in a variety of diameters from 4 mm to 6 mm internally.

Hemp Sisal cleaner works best when wet – may be a bit stiff to use if used dry.



All available in a 10 pack – 6mm straight – 8mm straight and bent & 12mm straight.

The 12mm straw is ideal for Bubble Tea.

The straws have a smoothed edge making it comfortable to drink and are approx 21.5cm long.

These stainless steel straws are a great fun and stylish alternative. Use with juice, smoothies or cocktails. Reusable.

Plastic straws are a major environmental problem. Here in Australia we use over 10 million a day imagine that on a world wide scale!

They don’t break down easily and either sit in landfill for years or worse still end up in our waterways, which means they end up in our marine life

*****  Don’t run or walk using a straw to avoid falling and injuring yourself. Children should be supervised at all times.  *****

Made ethically in China.